The Oregon Fire & EMS Bridge is a comprehensive fire and pre-hospital data collection, analysis and reporting system. This system enables Oregon’s fire agencies and ambulance services to satisfy reporting requirements easily, and provides numerous user-friendly tools to streamline agency administration.

Comprehensive Data

Using ImageTrend’s intuitive data entry structure, the Web-based National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) reports and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Patient Care Reports are designed to increase efficiency while reducing time in data entry.

This secure Web-based system provides for complete and accurate incident reporting with staff and equipment management from anywhere at any time.

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Key Features

Consolidated Reporting
For incidents where both fire and EMS services are provided, the report transitions directly from the EMS Patient Care Report to an NFIRS report. Pertinent information from the Patient Care Report automatically populates the NFIRS report with just one click, eliminating redundant data entry.

Administrative Tools
The system provides numerous administrative tools, including record-keeping and tracking of staff, equipment, inspections, pre-planning, activities, training, and compensation.

Standard and Custom Reports
Reports turn incident related data into valuable information that is quickly discernible. From the centralized Fire & EMS Bridge console, authorized users can access all related data for viewing, tracking and reporting.